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Social Programs

Current Social Services and Programs

The Social Services Council (SSC) is one of six administrative councils established to fulfill the National Islamic Association’s vision to be a model Muslim community. The SSC is charged with the responsibility ‘to provide premier social services that will enhance the wellbeing of Muslims and Non-Muslims’.

Zakat and Sadaqah Services

All Muslims must pay Zakat. Therefore, the systematic collection and distribution of Zakat and Sadaqa is of paramount importance. While any member of the Board of Shura of the NIA can collect Zakat, Br. Abdul Jafiq is responsible for the distribution of Zakat. Also, to help educate everyone on calculating Zakat, there will be a seminar the month before Ramadan.

Note: For more information regarding Zakat and Sadaqah Services, please click here.

Funeral and Burial Services

The goal of the Funeral and Burial services is to provide a one call – one stop service for families. Upon learning of the death of a family member, relatives can call either Br. Ally Nasir, Br. Bashir Ramjan, or Br. Omar Mohamed, who will facilitate the process for the family by coordinating with the various NIA Affiliates.

Note: For more information regarding the Funeral and Burial Services, please click here.

Counseling Services

Information Coming Soon!

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Matrimonial (Nikkah and Waleemah) Services

Information Coming Soon!

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Food Pantry

The food pantry is set up to supplement families’ food budgets. The pantry will collect and distribute nutritious halaal food items. Items will be collected every Friday and Saturday nights and will be distributed on a walk-in basis and on a regular quarterly basis.

Soup Kitchen

The goal of the soup kitchen is to provide hot nutritious soup for the surrounding community on a monthly basis. All meals will be procured or prepared and served under NIA supervision.

Note: To view the Soup Kitchen Flyer, please click here.

Community Outreach Programs

The community outreach program is another event conducted by the SSC to meet out and extend NIA’s goodwill towards our neighbors. The events will be coordinated with the City of Newark, Why Islam and NIA Dawah Council. The program will serve light food such as hot dogs, and provide school supplies among other things.

Community Health Fair

The Community Health Fair provides the opportunity for the community to have free check-ups. Doctors, nurses, and UMDNJ mobile health care unit will be recruited to volunteer for this event. The Police and Fire departments will be invited to provide information that they deem beneficial to participants. Refreshments will be provided.

Cultural Presentations

The Cultural Presentations seek to provide activities that reinforce our Islamic heritage and values in an entertaining manner. The events will take place in the NIA parking lot. Refreshments will be on sale.

Pep Talks

The Pep Talks are short 10 – 15 minutes biweekly exhortations on ethics, history, or other relevant topics as set out in the schedule. The goal of these exhortations is to increase listeners’ iman by action based on knowledge. They will take place on Saturday evenings after Salaatul Isha in the winter months and after Salaatul Maghrib in the summer months. Light refreshments will be provided.

Note: Dates and times for all Programs can be found on the Events Calendar.