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NIA’s Education Council strives to provide appropriate and comprehensive education and training for the development of the community. This Council was specifically created for the sole purpose of dedicating its full resources to the educational growth of NIA. Its strategy is to analyze and strengthen current programs and implement new means of advancing our overall development.

Weekly Classes

Throughout the year, NIA hosts 12 classes that meet on a weekly basis. These classes cater to the needs of all age groups and are offered 6 days of the week. The classes focus on, but are not limited to: providing a solid Islamic studies background, Qur’anic memorization, tafsir, analysis and memorization of ahadith, and current affairs.

Monthly Programs

Every month, a Sisters’ Taleem Program as well as a Community Dinner and Lecture are planned. The sisters utilize their time by planning beneficial lectures and engaging activities that strengthen sisterhood. The Community Dinner and Lecture is an open event that provides general educational development for the community. The lecture topics are carefully selected to meet the needs of NIA’s members and are pertinent to today’s societal challenges. In addition, the Friday khutbah is also used to directly address the community and act as a weekly Iman booster. The Council has also initiated the daily reading and explanation of a hadith after salaatul Maghrib.


During Ramadan, a series of extensive programs are set up in order to strengthen the community’s Iman during this rewarding month. Everyday after iftar, the youth present short talks, as a means of not only benefiting the community but also to strengthen the youths’ public speaking skills.

Weekend Islamic School (WIS)

One of NIA’s major academic programs is the Weekend Islamic School (WIS). Every Saturday morning, 150 students (ranging from ages 5-18), 18 volunteer teachers and 12 teacher’s aids meet for sessions. The school is divided into 10 classes; each carefully selected to meet the students’ academic levels and age groups.

The Education Council’s approach to achieve success within our community is to create a structured educational program, establish positive alternatives and provide a wholesome environment for the youth. The council is working towards standardizing the curriculums for all classes as well as striving to enhance ongoing Teachers’ Training Sessions.

Note: For more information or to register your child in the Weekend Islamic School, click here.


The Education Council also oversees the development of NIA’s blossoming youth groups. Specifically, the Council focuses on expanding existing leadership programs to maximize training of the community’s future leaders. A series of Islamic Training Programs (ITPs) have been established. These carefully planned sessions encompass workshop related activities that ask the youth to critically analyze themselves and their future ahead. The Council aims to continuously advance these engaging training sessions to new levels.

Looking Ahead

Insha’Allah the new building will provide appropriate facilities for education and training and undoubtedly be a great asset to the entire community, as well as regions beyond. The building will provide an appropriate environment for pre-school and afterschool tutoring, individual classrooms for the WIS, settings for intensive training programs for all levels (early childhood to adulthood), and many other programs that the Council will be instating. The Education Council readily awaits the opportunities the new building will bring to the education growth of our community. It will rid us of our current constrains and enable us to extend our programs to other communities as well.