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Our Services


Weekend Islamic School (WIS)

One of NIA’s major academic programs is the Weekend Islamic School (WIS). The WIS program provides basic knowledge of Islam to our youth.  The goal is to help students develop their faith and character at an early age. Every Saturday morning, 150 students (ages 5-18), 18 volunteer teachers and 12 teacher’s aides meet for sessions. The school is divided into 10 classes; each carefully selected to meet the students’ academic level and age group. With formal education provided by WIS along with further attention and encouragement from home, students may gain a much greater appreciation of Islam and develop confidence in their identity.

Weekly Classes

Throughout the year, NIA hosts 12 classes that meet on a weekly basis. These classes cater to the needs of all age groups and are offered 6 days of the week. Contact Us to find a class you!

Islamic Training Programs

These carefully planned sessions encompass workshop related activities that ask the youth to critically analyze themselves and their future.


Soup Kitchen

Hot nutritious meals are provided to our neighbors as well as the surrounding community on a monthly basis. NIA believes in giving back, regardless of age, race, gender, or religious beliefs.


Our counseling services are conducted by Imam Daud Haqq and are open to everyone in the community. Personal consultations are by appointment.

Health Fairs

Volunteer doctors, nurses, and the UMDNJ mobile health care unit provide free check-ups to the community. The local police and fire departments provide other critical information.

Outreach Programs

Coordinated with the City of Newark and various organizations, community outreach programs serve to extend NIA’s goodwill to our neighbors. Among such programs are the distribution of school supplies.

Funeral and Burial

NIA provides a one call, one stop service to assist families during their most difficult times. The entire funeral process is facilitated by coordination with various NIA affiliates.

Zakah and Sadaqah

The systematic collection and distribution of zakah and sadaqah is of paramount importance at NIA. Prior to Ramadan an education seminar on how to calculate zakah is provided to the community.


Family Night

On the last Saturday of each month, the community gathers for an evening to enjoy a meal together, listen to a short educational lecture, and to socialize with each other.

Cultural Presentations

This program provides various activities that reinforce our Islamic heritage and values in an entertaining manner.