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As you are aware, recently the president issued an Executive Order, described by many civil rights organizations as a Muslim Ban. Although the order is limited to several countries, NIA suggests all of its members, regardless of legal status or country of origin, to be proactive when traveling including consulting with an attorney prior to travel.



Know Your Rights


Know Your Rights











The NIA Masjid & Community Center and the Newark Imams’ Council has arranged a Know Your Rights seminar.

This session is for US citizens, green card holders, and valid visa holders from all countries. Regardless of legal status of country of origin, we urge you to attend.

What exactly are Exectutive Orders? How do the immigration Exectutive Orders impact you? What are your basic rights when it comes to ICE? FAQs and Best Practices related to immigraiton Addressing issues pertaining to the undocumented population.

Rest assured NIA has been actively involved and has, and will continue to make necessary security and other arrangements in light of the current political climate.