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NIA Masjid & Community Center regret to inform you that due to the rapid spread of positive testing of COVID-19 the NIA Masjid and Community Center will be closed until further notice.

Beginning on Monday, March 16, 2020 there will be no classes, activities, programs, 5 daily Salah, or Jumu’ah Salah taking place at the Masjid. This was an incredibly difficult, but necessary decision to ensure the safety of everyone. We encourage you not to look for a new masjid to pray in but rather stay home and fulfill your obligations there. This is the safest thing we can do right now. These are indeed trying times and we will continue to update everyone via our website, social media (Facebook and Instagram), and our calling post.

InshaAllah, a task force is also being put together to help those in our community that are affected. More updates will be shared in the coming days, as this situation is being monitored week by week. We pray Allah (swt) keeps us all healthy and brings us out of this trial with stronger Imaan.